Discover Los Cabos

Discover Los Cabos

Without question Los Cabos is a unique environment of a tropical desert with mountains nestled between two oceans, rich in history, charming people and an exciting future. Translated to mean "the capes," Los Cabos is actually six distinctly different areas that together are Los Cabos.

Historic San Jose del Cabo, the ultra posh-Corridor, lively Cabo San Lucas, the sport fishing community of charming Los Barriles, the tranquil East Cape and the sunset drenched Pacific Corridor. You can find out a bit more about each area below. It’s no wonder that Los Cabos ranks among the top travel destinations in North America—both for leisure travel and for second-home ownership. Perfect temperatures—73f to 88f year-round—guarantee full days relaxing poolside, taking on the challenge of sport fishing or 18 holes on a manicured course, watching whales frolic, mastering your tennis serve, exploring the desert and mountains or indulging in an afternoon spa treatment.

Every trip to Los Cabos brings new adventures for all ages, creating an ideal location for vacation home ownership. Los Cabos is an area that encompasses  miles and miles of coastline.  You may find that your interests lead you from Todos Santos on the Pacific coast all the way to Los Barriles, on the tranquil shores of the Sea of Cortez. Please feel free to give us a call or send an email and we will be pleased to give you some local insight to each area. We have live and worked for over 20 years investing,building,selling  and much more in Los Cabos. Our combined experience  and knowledge will  assist you in finding your property anywhere in Los Cabos or the  Baja California South.

How to Own

The magic of the Baja lies in its amazing beauty and history. Property ownership is as alluring as the seas that surround it. But the seas and coastlines of Mexico were off limits to property ownership as a result of the revolution of 1914. With prospects of tourism an enlightened government under President Luis Echeverria Alvarez, wrote a presidential decree allowing Mexican banks to hold titles to property In Trust for foreigners. It is called a Fideicomiso and it provides for all rights of ownership as any citizen would enjoy.

The term of the Trust is for 50-year periods automatically renewable by law. In other words, title to the property may rest in one beneficiary indefinitely-which protects your heirs and your investment. As purchaser of a property, you may use and enjoy, build, rent will or sell the beneficial rights in the trust anytime, conforming only the general laws of the country established for all persons. Today, U.S. Title insurance is available for properties held in trust. It assures the utmost security of your purchase as it would in the U.S. We are sure you may have some questions. Feel free to ask. Our experience is unmatched in all aspects of property ownership: resort, residential and commercial development.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide superior service to our buyers and sellers through leadership, experience and knowledge of the Baja California South area. We are committed to passionately exceeding our customer’s expectations, and we engage in honest, loyal and ethical business practices. We maintain an ongoing commitment to serve our communities by contributing our time and all our legal and financial resources at Pacific Properties Mexico.



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Sling Swinger de WILD CANYON es una actividad que involucra una gran cantidad de adrenalina. Se puede realizar solo o con un acompañante. ¿Con quién la harías?

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